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BCC are an international company supplying all the equipment and know-how needed for cone & seed handling, containerized seedling, and cutting production. BCC was founded in Landskrona, Sweden, by Hans Björkemar in 1987.
Today’s technological advancements enable optimization of productivity and quality in the overall forestry sector. Similar technological improvements, specifically within forest seed centers and nurseries, allow for the successful and cost-efficient growing of seedlings and cuttings for the forest.

At Bcc Plant the Planet we understand the specific needs of our customers and in order to serve these needs, we have developed a very flexible line of equipment that can be adjusted to perform in the best possible way in the most different conditions.

We have complete concepts for different climate conditions and species. An important part of these concepts, apart from the equipment, is the transfer of both biological and technical know-how.

When you make BCC your supplier, you will not only get the most suitable product solutions but the full package including crucial know-how from our experienced staff.

Products from BCC

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